Hair extension

Hair Extensions - the greatest achievement of hairdressing.

The dream of most women are still thick, long, beautiful hair. Embedded in an elegant hairstyle or loose strands flowing over her shoulders, they give a sense of unshakable confidence, sexuality, charm, sense of power and beauty. In order to bring the dream to reality, you need quite a bit - to increase hair Kiev. But until recently, been a problem today - utter nonsense. Advanced technologies allow hair extensions in Kiev any length and density even the most modest of the original data. There are different classifications of technology on hair extensions. Some call the hot and cold methods, the other is called in Italian, English, Spanish, and tress and capsular. 

In our showroom you can increase hair on any extension technology. If you want to do for yourself this difficult procedure, in our shop you can always buy everything for hair extensions.

Capacity by appointment with the master.


hair extension

hair extension

hair extension


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